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What next for UCU and Jo Grady after strike ballot failure?

With one dispute won but another floundering, some believe lack of strikes could actually benefit UK’s main academic union in latest talks with employers, but others are preparing to try to unseat the general secretary in an election that promises to be a ‘referendum on last five years’

14 November

Recruitment of domestic school-leavers is stagnant amid concerns over rising graduate debt levels and weak employment outcomes. With ministers keen to turbocharge enrolment to upskill the nation, John Ross examines how higher education institutions can win back a disaffected generation

Studying high art is still important, but popular culture can give humanities undergraduates better pointers on how to convert their refined understandings into practical action, rather than passivity and pessimism, activist scholar Caroline Levine tells Matthew Reisz 

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It may be true that higher education rarely tops the agenda in electoral campaigns, but don’t be fooled – the politics is as fevered as ever