Love the Word

On the night Jesus was betrayed, Jesus prayed what is known as His “High Priestly Prayer.” John reproduces much of Jesus’ prayer and you can read it in chapter 17 of His gospel. It is the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in the Scriptures. But, not only is it Jesus’ longest recorded prayer, it isContinue reading “Love the Word”

2021 – Hope & the New Year

“And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’ Also he said, ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’” – Revelation 21:5 A New Year has begun and it is clear that this year’s celebration has a unique element to it. There is a pervasiveContinue reading “2021 – Hope & the New Year”

Why Jesus Came…

We are hungry for something REAL. We want to know what’s real, to create something meaningful, to experience something that lasts, and to accomplish something significant. …something pure. true. you know: real. We were created for more than this world has to offer. That’s why the things of this world seem so empty — theyContinue reading “Why Jesus Came…”

Why Jesus Came…

This past Sunday we began a series for the holidays entitled, “Why Jesus Came.” We will be taking the next ten weeks to explore the reasons Scripture gives us for the birth, life, and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Reason #1 – “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the worksContinue reading “Why Jesus Came…”

Who Can Be Saved?

NO ONE is beyond the reach of God’s saving arm. The apostle Paul, himself, (previously known as Saul) serves as a posterchild for this transformation.  Paul considered himself to be the least of the apostles and the greatest of all sinners.  Indeed, Saul was a terrorist, a religious terrorist who hunted down Christians and sought to lock them up in prison.
But God interrupted Saul’s plans.

What About Those Who Fall Away?

Over the past several years, we have witnessed a number of well-known church leaders leave the faith.  For some that means theological compromise due to cultural capitulation and for others it means a false teaching, and for still others it has been a complete abandonment of faith. While these episodes feed confusion and cause discouragement,Continue reading “What About Those Who Fall Away?”

How Can I Know I Am Saved?

Having established a basic biblical understanding of salvation, we are now ready to wrestle with a few specific questions. Perhaps the most asked and most personal question is, “How can I know that I am saved?” This is the issue of assurance. Whether you ask this question for yourself or are asked it by anotherContinue reading “How Can I Know I Am Saved?”

Understanding the Divine Nature of Our Salvation

Now, given our five foundational assumptions, let us begin building a frame of Biblical truth. If we are going to battle back confusion and fear, we must anchor deep in the Scriptures. Specifically, if we lack assurance of salvation, if we are confused surrounding issues of salvation (can you lose it?), if we are fearfulContinue reading “Understanding the Divine Nature of Our Salvation”

Staying Anchored & Serving Others During COVID and Quarantine

People love people. Whether you’re a minister or not, you probably spend countless hours caring others, and even more time identifying ways to care for others. Throw a crisis in the mix and compassionate hearts begin racing while servant’s hands tirelessly move from need to need. Be careful. Burnout is a real thing. It mayContinue reading “Staying Anchored & Serving Others During COVID and Quarantine”